Kinetico Leak Detection App

How do I change my password?

To change your password, tap the “Settings” button on the home screen of the Kinetico App. Then tap the “Change Password” button, and fill in the fields. Or if logged out, tap on “forgot password.”

How do I create a Kinetico Leak Detection App account?

Download the most recent Kinetico App from the iOS App/Android Play store. Make sure that your smart device meets the minimum requirements for iOS/Android version and device support.

How do I delete a contact?

Swipe all the way left on the contact and it will delete from your contact list.

How do I know my hub has been activated?

Register the hub through the Kinetico App on your iOS/Android device. Once you create your account, follow the directions in the App. The hub has been successfully activated once the status bar at the top of the App home screen reads “System OK.”

How do I see more information about my sensor?

Tap on a specific sensor to see its details page. From this page, the user can rename, identify a sensor to verify connection, and toggle between shut-off/detect-only/HVAC modes.

How do I add contacts?

In your App, go to the alerts tab and tap on “Add Contacts.” It will prompt you to fill out a name, email and phone number. Toggle the alert to “On.”

What alerts will I receive?

You can receive Email and SMS notifications (standard messaging rates apply). Go to the “Alerts” page of the Kinetico App to add additional emergency contacts, enable SMS and other notification options.

What is the difference between “Protect” and “Detect only?”

“Protect” means that if a sensors detects a leak, it will automatically shut-off your water supply. “Detect Only” means that if a sensor detects a leak, it will send a notification, but will not shut off your water supply automatically.

Why aren’t my devices pairing correctly?

The first step to setting up your system is to add your hub to your account. Nothing else can be connected until the hub is properly activated. After that is complete, you will be able to add your sensors, valve and optional range extenders.

Water Shut-Off Valve

Can I test the shut-off valve to make sure it’s working?

Yes, there are a couple different ways to test your valve. First, you can press the open and close button on the front of the valve. Second, you can tap the open and close toggle switch in the Kinetico App. Lastly, you can pick the sensor up, flip it over and place a damp cloth on the sensor prongs to simulate a leak. The valve will shut automatically if it is set on protect mode.

Do I need to manually reset my valve after it shuts off my main water supply?

You can use the manual open/close buttons on the valve or open/close the valve through the Kinetico App. Before you can manually open the valve again, make sure that the leak has been resolved (and no sensors are being triggered).

How do I delete the water shut-off valve?

Press the center button on the valve five times rapidly, and the valve will delete from your system.

How do I know my water shut-off valve is connected?

Track the connection status of the valve through the Kinetico App (iOS/Android). It will tell you when the valve is connected. If the valve loses connection, you will be notified through the App or via SMS/email alerts.

How do I pair my water shut-off valve?

To pair your valve, tap the “Add Device” button on the home screen, and follow the instructions.

How is the water shut-off valve powered?

The valve is powered through a 9V DC wall adaptor with (4) AA batteries as temporary power backup in case of a power outage.

My main water valve is outside. Can the water shut-off valve be installed outside?

Yes. The valve can be installed outdoors, but the outdoor enclosure box is required.

What orientations can I install my water shut-off valve?

The valve can be installed vertically or horizontally. Do not install upside-down.


Can I have two properties connected to one account?

No, currently our system only supports one property.

Can I install the Kinetico Leak Detection System myself or is installation by a professional required?

The water shut-off valve must be installed by a professional. Pipe cutting is involved, and Kinetico strongly recommends working with an authorized Kinetico dealer.

Do I need to periodically test my water shut-off valve to make sure it is working?

No, the valve will go through an automatic valve maintenance cycle every 22 days. This is intended to extend the life of the product by preventing mineral buildup within the pipe. If there is a problem with your system, you will be alerted.

How does The Kinetico Leak Detection System work?

A Kinetico Leak Detection System is made up of four key components: wireless, waterproof sensors; a system hub that acts as the communication gateway; a solid brass water shut-off ball valve; and the Kinetico Leak Detection System App. The App sends notifications regarding any leaks or drops in temperature and allows the control of the system via a smart device. When a sensor detects water, it sends an immediate signal to the system hub which notifies the homeowner of an “event” on their smart device. Within five seconds, it automatically shuts off the main water supply to the home, if set to protect mode.

Is The Kinetico Leak Detection System secure?

Kinetico does not store any personal information such as a credit card number or payment information. We only store email, phone number and names for alerts. Please make sure your primary and emergency contact information is up to date and includes your contacts’ emails and phone numbers.

What happens if I have a power outage?

The Kinetico Water Shut-Off Valve has a dual power source. It is powered with an AC power adaptor and also has a battery backup (4 AA batteries). The hub battery backup is built in, lasts up to five hours and is self-charging.

What is the warranty on the Kinetico Leak Detection System?

Kinetico warrants the Leak Detection System to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation. See complete warranty information in the Water Shut-Off Valve Manual.

Will Kinetico Leak Detection System detect all water leaks?

Kinetico Leak Detection System will detect water leaks that come into contact with a sensor. It will not detect water leaks within a wall or in rooms or locations where a sensor has not been placed.

The Hub

Are my batteries pre-installed in my hub?

Yes, the Kinetico Leak Detection System Hub comes with a self-charging lithium 18350 Li-ion battery installed.

Can I place my hub anywhere in my home?

Yes, we recommend you centrally locate the hub in your home to optimize coverage of all devices.

During the pairing process, my hub is not showing up in my Wi-Fi network list. What should I do?

Press and hold the pinhole reset for 10 seconds until it turns purple, and then power cycle your hub using your power switch. Then check your network again.

How do I delete my hub?

Go into the settings page of your Kinetico Leak Detection System App and tap the “Delete Hub” button.

How do I know that my hub is connected?

Track the connection status of the hub through the Kinetico Leak Detection System App (iOS/Android), which will walk you through the hub activation process. The App’s home screen banner will read “System OK” once the hub has successfully activated. If the hub loses connection, the user will be notified through the App or via configurable SMS/email alerts.

How do I reset my hub?

Resetting the hub will wipe out all your devices including the hub. To reset your hub, press and hold the pinhole reset for 10 seconds or until the LED light turns purple.

What should I do if my hub lost communication?

Power cycle your hub using the on/off switch on the hub.

What should I do if my hub isn’t activating?

Make sure the hub is plugged in with the supplied AC power cord. The hub will not activate on battery power alone.

What do the lights on my hub indicate?

What is the expected hub battery life when running on battery back-up?

The battery will last up to 5 hours and is self-charging.


Can a sensor be reused after it has detected a leak?

Yes. The battery compartment of the sensor is waterproof and designed to be reused after detecting a leak.

Can I test the sensor to make sure it’s working?

Through the Kinetico Leak Detection System App, the user can test a paired sensor with “Identify Mode” on the individual sensor’s details page. After pressing the “Identify” button, the paired sensor will beep for 15 seconds, letting the user know it is working properly. You can also place a wet cloth on the sensor prong to trigger a leak and see if it is working properly.

Can the sensors also monitor temperature?

Yes, the sensor includes an ambient air temperature sensor.

How are the sensors powered?

The sensors are powered with (3) AAA batteries that are included with purchase.

How do I add another sensor?

Your Kinetico Leak Detection System Kit comes with four sensors. You can purchase more and add them to your system. Press the “Add Device” button on the home screen of the Kinetico App, and follow the instructions.

How do I delete a sensor?

To delete a sensor, press the “Delete Sensor” button on the sensors page in the Kinetico App.

How do I know my sensor is connected?

Track the connection status of the sensors through the Kinetico App (iOS/Android), which will tell you how many sensors are connected. When a sensor loses connection, the user will be notified through the App or via configurable SMS/email alerts.

How do I pair my sensor?

To pair your sensor, tap the “Add Device” button on the home screen, and follow the instructions.

How long do the batteries last?

Sensor batteries lasts eight months to one year. Low battery alert emails and SMS notifications will be sent when it is time to change the batteries.

How many sensors can I hook up?

Your Kinetico Leak Detection System can support up to 32 devices (e.g. 30 sensors + 1 valve + 1 extender). If no extender is needed, you can connect up to 31 sensors.

How many sensors do I need?

The number of sensors needed depends on the size of your home and the areas in your home that you want to monitor.

How and where should I place my sensors?

Place sensors with the battery door facing down. We recommend placing them in locations around the home that are susceptible to water leaks (e.g. water heater, toilet, dishwasher, etc.).

My sensor detected a leak. What do I do with the sensor?

After you take care of the leak, simply dry off your sensor and place it in the same location. The sensor will immediately begin monitoring and reporting to you again.

What do the lights and beeps on my sensor indicate?

  1. Three seconds after powering on the sensor, the sensor will blink rapidly indicating that it is ready to pair. When the sensor pairs to the hub, there will be five longer blinks of the LED along with three quick beeps.
  2. A low battery warning is indicated by a quick beep every two minutes
  3. Silent blinks every minute indicate the sensor is functioning normally.

What happens when water comes into contact with the sensor?

Water will short the two contact pins on the underside of the sensor resulting in the valve closing (if in “Protect” mode) and /or sending an alert to the user.

Smart home Platforms

Do I need a Kinetico Leak Detection System Hub if I have a Nest?

Yes, you still need a hub to communicate to the system, but your Kinetico Leak Detection System can be added to your Nest App.

How do I add my Nest to my Kinetico Leak Detection System?

Go to your Kinetico App, tap settings, and then select “Works with Nest.” This will take you to the Nest login page. Log into your account to set up Works with Nest and accept the terms. You will then have a Nest Page to manage your 48-Hour Away Alert as well as your HVAC sensor mode.

What other smart home products does my Kinetico Leak Detection System work with?

The hub works with Nest, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The Water Shut-Off Valve integrates with SmartThings.